Proven Practices for Unlocking Creativity

Proven Practices for Unlocking Creativity

According to a global study by Adobe, unlocking creativity is key for economical and societal growth, yet 75% of the world fears they aren't living up to their creative potential.

If you fall within this category, we've curated companion resources to help you discover and develop your own creative rhythm.

Each set of Legacy x Made to Thrive Creativity Cards includes ten cards with prompts that will guide you through the creative process. Learn nine proven practices that will help you eliminate distraction, counteract self-doubt, deepen connection, and enhance creative confidence -- no matter your focus, profession, or current season in life.

This project is based on the premise that every individual is designed on purpose and for a purpose, with unique creative qualities that can be used for the betterment of our communities. Since we know firsthand the challenges of developing this part of our stories, we want to come alongside you and equip you with the tools to do just that.

For a limited time, receive a free set of creativity cards when you subscribe today! We hope the prompts become second nature and serve as conversational topics for you and your closest confidants. We can't wait to hear what you uncover!
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  • So looking forward to receiving your legacy made to thrive creativity cards! Thanks so much!

    Sandy Longgrear

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