Volume IV
Learn proven practices to counteract self-doubt, deepen connection, and unlock creative confidence.
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Volume III
Find joy wherever you may be, cash in a surprisingly accessible ticket to peace, and break the cycle of busy.

If anyone is deserving of a little nurturing, it's you.

Our mid-spring release was designed to provide you with the opportunity to nurture yourself before the rush of summer travels.⠀⠀


Notes from Admirers

Legacy exceeds my expectations. It embodies the changing military spouse culture. It captures the beauty and struggle of it all with grace and grit. The words, photos, and design elements are so clearly crafted to each section.

Lauren R.Reader

I can’t even explain what it means to see spouses of our military members being honored and profiled for their work along with their commitment to their service member. This magazine reminds us that military families and their community are more than just dutiful participants.

Anjelica M.Interviewee

Marrying someone in the service has been one of the greatest honors, but this lifestyle is not easy. It’s comforting to know that there have been, and always will be, spouses and families who have experienced similar situations and emotions.

Kim B.Reader


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