Our editor-in-chief @abiray.lmft had the honor of joining operational psychologist and former colleague Barb Thompson on her podcast In the Name of Service. They discuss what it’s like to hold space for those who are grieving, the complex and dualistic nature of marriage & family work, and the importance of remaining grounded and rooted in a set of core values.

“In a world where we are constantly bombarded with noise and distractions, embracing the principles of “hunting and gathering” with our children offers moments of stillness and connection that are truly priceless. It teaches our children to be self-sufficient, resilient, and adaptable in a rapidly changing society.”

Our Editor-in-Chief, @abiray.lmft, had the pleasure of joining the ladies of @shes_the_boss_podcast for their first Coffee and Mimosa Conversations—an organic and heartfelt discussion about the daily juggling act of being an intentional mother and driven career woman. As we delved into the topic selected from their magical bowel, I couldn't help but be struck by the raw authenticity of the conversation. It was clear that as women, we not only valued each other's opinions, but were also truly invested in exploring this theme in a meaningful way. It was a reminder of just how enriching it can be to open ourselves up to deeper conversations. So grab your coffee or mimosa, and tune in to this enriching conversation that is sure to leave you feeling both validated and inspired.

With hectic schedules, frequent TDY's, and upbeat training tempos, it's no surprise that stress and disconnection are two of service couple's greatest challenges. While service members report that stress and limited bandwidth lead to feelings of disconnection, spouses and families report that disconnection leads to greater levels of stress. While these two realities seem opposing, simple, proven practices can help counteract the effects of stress and disconnection in as little as 30 seconds to 30 minutes a day. If you are looking to reintegrate as a family after a long TDY/deployment or simply want to decompress while keeping the day-to-day connection alive, try the following evidence-based practices. Whether the desire is to combat stress or deepen connection, small actions often will pay dividends for generations to come.
We've all been there. Where you walk in the door and greet your partner or housemate with a "How was your day?" only to half listen to what they say. With hectic schedules, upbeat training tempos, and frequent TDYs, it's not uncommon to experience a decline in attention and concentration by the end of the day. This is the brain's way of repairing and preparing for the next big thing. However, when it comes to reconnecting with your loved ones, it can be misinterpreted as distraction — or even disinterest. To help alleviate misunderstanding and added tension, listen along for a few practical and applicable tips.


Did you know that Post Traumatic Stress used to be referred to as “Shell Shock” or “Battle Fatigue,” as if it were something one simply recovers from after a little R&R? Join our editor-in-chief @abi.ray on the Deeply Rooted podcast as she, Jolynn Lee, and @plantingroots director @koriyates discuss the common ways post traumatic stress impacts military women and wives today, and how there is hope through faith and post traumatic growth.

“When we can share our story of trauma and it gives even one individual a glimmer of hope, it helps make our experience feel a little less heavy and provides an even greater meaning and purpose to the pain.” 
Join us for an episode that is so full of hope, light and actionable things you can do to make sure you are in the best mental space possible to tackle military life. Abi and Daena, co founders of Legacy Kids Magazine, share both their personal experiences as moms and professional expertise in mental health and counseling in regard to all of the incredibly positive ways that military life can affect our military kids.
"Parents play a huge role in helping a child navigate their narrative, which allows the parent the opportunity to shine a light on the benefits of living a challenging life." -Abi Ray, LMFT
Abi Ray, LMFT makes an appearance on the award winning podcast Holding Down the Fort.  While mainstream media often focuses on the dramatization or romanticization of service family life, @abi.ray and the show’s co-hosts @thejenamos and @jgsalias explore the healing power of sharing stories in the in-between.  By tuning in to the episode, you’ll gain insight into how counseling has played a critical role in each of their lives and the various enriching resources available to you and your family.
In honor of Veteran’s Day, our editor-in-chief had the privilege of making an appearance on Brand in Bloom Podcast with hostess @mslizfleming. Abi Ray, LMFT discusses the importance of storytelling, the critical need for patience + planning, the power of taking action, and leaning on collaborations within your networks to build a fruitful business that has the ability to market itself with the right nurturing.
In late 2019, Daena Vandre brought the idea of a military children’s publication to Abi Ray, LMFT our editor-in-chief. Recognizing the need to foster young, creative minds, as well as cultivate community and kinship among our military children, Abi and Daena teamed up to birth this opportunity.
We believe that military children, of all ages, need a creative outlet to showcase their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. At the very core of this publication we envisioned empowering, enlightening, and uncovering the truths of children growing up in an unconventional lifestyle. Through bright, bold, and vibrant content Legacy Kids Magazine embraces the courage and curiosity of our younger generations.
Thinking about entrepreneurship? Don't miss your chance to watch the new breakdown powered by MetLife and Bunker Labs roundtable spotlighting six service spouse entrepreneurs including our founder Abi Ray, LMFT.
As service families, it’s not uncommon to feel disconnected from the community right outside your front doors. With extended seasons of separation and solo parenting as the norm, it’s instinctual to click into survival mode and simply move through the motions. To counteract this reality, Abi Ray and Daena Vandre offer listeners a way to consciously shift in a direction that is more fulfilling, both in their homes and in communities. Join the conversation by tuning into episode 22 of Amy Long's Conversations with the Hostess. 
In honor of Month of the Military child, Legacy Kids' co-founders Abi and Daena were invited to make an appearance on Pride & Grit. Noted as "a dynamic duo for military stories," tune into the episode to glean insight on stepping out and starting something new.
We’re on a mission to collectively re-author the military family narrative and that starts by helping our nation recognize that “deployment” is not a casual word and how it impacts our service member families.
Join us in shining a necessary light on the military family experience so that our nation has a unified understanding of deployment and what it truly means for those with service member ties, by sharing this video with your greater communities.
After watching this video, your friends, family, and neighbors will walk away with a greater sense of patriotism and a better understanding of how each of us can actively support the brave families who serve our country.
A few years ago, we recognized the lack of a centralized publication that celebrated the variety of meaningful paths available to our unique service member families. We saw the opportunity to raise the bar and curate the inspiring stories of celebration, transition, and growth in a tasteful and uplifting way. Learn more about the heart and soul of Legacy Magazine by tuning into our debut video.