How to Escape the Comparison Trap

How to Escape the Comparison Trap

It's true that comparison is the thief of joy and creativity, but you no longer have to take the bait. Brittany Ball shows us how.

Brittany is a blogger and influencer who is open about her struggles with anxiety and overwhelm, but she does not let them define her identity.

“It all started with me opening up and being vulnerable. I wanted to make a difference because the young women scrolling through my social media account probably assume my life is perfect because I have a husband, a kid, and I’m living in Hawaii.

But there is so much more than what is seen in a photo.

I struggle with anxiety. It’s something I struggle with every day...Sharing my struggles has made me feel a lot less alone. I suffered in silence for a really long time."

Brittany elucidates more about what her unexpected online career has taught her. “Sometimes we have to just let go. We put huge expectations on ourselves. When we release those, the magic starts to happen. Most of the time it is our own selves stopping us from doing what we are supposed to do.

Continue reading by pre-ordering a copy of Volume IV today! In her interview, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” Brittany offers several strategies for coping with anxiety, overwhelm, and comparison. 

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