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Whether you find yourself married, in a committed relationship, or simply planning for the future, the Rekindle volume of Legacy Magazine provides you with an honest examination of the trials and triumphs of navigating a service union. Be reassured that the things you’re going through are fixable, and discover the courage to begin making the changes you want to see in your most precious partnership.

Intimacy and companionship are at the core of healthy relationships, but these terms are rarely talked about in the greater service community and are often misunderstood. Maintaining a healthy sense of self sometimes gets pushed to the back burner in favor of prioritizing the family and the mission.

We know that service couples love deeply and are willing to sacrifice much, but sometimes, it's challenging to remedy the things that are broken.

The Rekindle volume offers narratives, tutorials, and interviews from experts within the service community and regular people like you who speak to the nuances of relationships that military couples typically shelter within themselves or the walls of their homes.

After reading this volume of Legacy, readers will walk away inspired to venture out of the barricades they’ve built for their relationships, ready to start new conversations, address the issues they’ve swept under the rug, and invest in themselves so they can show up as better partners.

You won’t want to go through another disagreement, significant life change, or a season of separation without adding the stories and resources from this volume to your toolkit.

The Rekindle volume will renew your energy to seek and build intimacy as you realize that you are not the only one with an imperfect relationship or difficult emotions.


Fight for The Love You Want with Corie Weathers, LPC, Author, and Lifegiver Podcast host.

Grant yourself Permission to Mourn with writer Jennifer Oramas as she reveals how “war is not always over when a service member returns home.” 

Reclaim your marriage with writer Lindsay Swoboda in Vacation Pie, a story that explores how a marriage can dissolve and rebuild after partners become parents. 

Be moved to make a purposeful career transition in Stepping Forward in Faith, an interview with Edward + Kristy Graham. Edward serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Samaritan’s Purse after serving 16 years in the US Army. 

Get ready to delve into new valuable memories in an interview w/ Sierra Redmond, MSTT, Travel Industry Expert and Luxury Family Travel Creator @iamsierrared as she supports readers to find adventure where you are, get off base + live, while exploring a none-direct career path to a still fulfilling role. 

Create a Marriage Creed in Three Steps with Jacob + Emileigh Rodgers, a dual-military couple that inspires partners to sit down and develop a marriage creed that will support their shared goals + expectations, providing a “morale muscle memory” for when tough situations arise.

Embrace the challenge to Co-Author Your Sex Narrative Entrepreneur + CEO of B Carroll Events, Founder @militarymarriageday Bree Carroll, “The benefits of talking about sex are an increased amount of trust, transparency, selflessness, and confidence in knowing what the other person wants.”