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As seasons change, new adventures unfold, and unfamiliar circumstances arise, the Prepare volume of Legacy Magazine is here to guide you. Whether facing a deployment, an extended season of separation, an imminent move, or a significant family decision, this volume will help you adopt a stance of readiness for whatever comes next.

It can be overwhelming to feel unprepared, especially when venturing into the unknown without community resources from which to draw insights. It's easy to feel adrift in a sea of constant change and novelty. The Prepare volume helps you find your grounding, paving a path to peace and joy amidst a life within the military.

Many brave individuals who have walked this path before have found ways to stay grounded in peace during struggles, separations, and shifts in life's seasons - and peace looks different for everyone. Through their shared life lessons, contributors offer insights on maintaining your value, creativity, and connections even as the tides of change roll in.

With the Prepare volume, you'll gain the confidence to endure challenging seasons and upheavals, seeking out the peace and clarity that come with each step forward. You'll learn new ways to cope with and face challenges, regardless of the messy and chaotic circumstances you're up against, and find connection and community in unexpected places.

Reach for the Prepare volume as you navigate changing seasons and face moments of doubt, drawing encouragement and hope to keep moving forward. Experience contentment and assurance in your abilities after spending time with this volume. Discover joy and clarity through hardships and changes. Establish roots in your surroundings, even as you transition from one community to another.

Embrace the knowledge that you can adapt, overcome, and persevere - no matter what the circumstance - when you take the time to prepare.


Uncover new layers that come with different seasons + change in a life of Forebearance and Faith, an interview with Morgan Morris. @mrsmorganmorris was Miss Oklahoma, First Runner-Up Miss USA, a missionary, and is currently a Navy spouse + mama.

Be encouraged in Every Day is a New Opportunity, an interview with Curtez Riggs, to explore entrepreneurship. After 21 years in the Army, Curtez found the life and balance he was after through digital entrepreneurship + investing.

Find peace + an assurance of better things to come through the struggles you face in Bringing Balance Back an interview with Liz Wolfe, NTP. Liz is a Wall Street Journal best-selling writer, athlete, course creator, and podcaster.

Prepare your heart for service + connecting in community with those around you in A Light in the Darkness an interview with Hunter Beless. Hunter is a follower of Christ, the Founder of Journeywomen Podcast, and an author.

In The Ebb and Flow of Creativity, Lindsay Wilkins, shares the many ways she stays rooted in her creative identity while learning to pivot with the seasons. Lindsay is an artist, homeschool mama, Navy spouse, and world traveler.

Raising Morale One Room at a Time, an interview with Maria Mendez Reed, will empower you to create a home wherever you go. Maria shares insights for preparing a home as a 20-year Army spouse and the Founder of Moving With The Military TV show.

Redefining Dual Service will inspire you to leave a legacy of positivity in your community by strengthening yourself + your relationship in an interview with dual-service couple, Maxine + Ken Reyes. Now combat Veterans, Maxine + Ken run Happily Joint marriage retreats to help couples thrive in their relationships + careers. Maxine is also the Founder of With Courage & Grace, a singer, and a certified relationship + transformational coach.

Prepare your heart for the holidays in Finding Joy Despite the Distance with writer + small business owner Carrie Ashley.

An unexpected duty station creates room for a life of adventure + growth in Stationed Overseas at 19 by Influencer Rachel Dempsey.

Reconcile the memories + feelings that accompany each PCS (and the next one and the next one) in The Edit with writer Claire Wood.

Explore loneliness + the countdown to reuniting with your loved one in stunning poetry, Cold Feet, by Michelle Coppini.

Extend authenticity to others + invite them into the hard parts of life with writer Amanda Koch in Invisible Seasons. Experience how messy + ugly situations in life can be used for good.