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As an Evolve 2021 Attendee, receive an exclusive discount of 100% off of your initial digital subscription and save 20% on all future digital volumes. As a digital subscriber, be amongst the first to receive new releases.

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    As service families, it’s not uncommon to feel disconnected from the community right outside our front doors. We would even dare to say that many of us experience a sense of disconnection from the members that live within our own homes. With extended seasons of separation and solo parenting as the norm for service families, it’s instinctual to click into survival mode and simply move through the motions. But what if there was a way for us to consciously shift in a direction that was more fulfilling, both in our homes and in our communities?

    Join us for a collective re-authoring of the service family narrative as Volume VI shines a light on hidden feelings and presents new takes on old ways. While services communities often cling to outdated lifestyle traditions long after the civilian community has moved on, the narratives, tutorials, and interviews in this volume show us that we can move forward with ingenuity, grit, and determination. 

    After spending time with Volume VI, readers will be inspired to go after the dreams they thought improbable, bravely yet vulnerably expand their circles to create deeper and more meaningful relationships, and become reacquainted with their most authentic selves. You won't want to move to a new location or embark on your next endeavor without first reading this volume. Volume VI will provide the encouragement you need to level up your mindset, expand your vision, and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.

    Cover Photography by: Samantha Look