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What's wrong with being confident?

Do these five words stir any emotion in you? Do they leave you questioning your sense of assurance? Are there specific characteristics, personas, situations, or individuals that come to mind when you consider these words?

Perhaps, the problem with being confident isn’t the trait itself, but rather our culture’s portrayal of it. Join us in Volume V of Legacy Magazine as we boldly examine our community’s current beliefs and perceptions of confidence.

Learn how our interviewees reinforce the idea that courage is not a singular point or a mountain peak to reach. Instead, real confidence is having faith in yourself to take the next step on your unique journey. Through personal narratives and self-development prompts, you will discover that confidence is a deep assurance and sure foundation of who you are and what you were uniquely made to do.

Where mainstream media depicts confidence as an illusive birthright or unchanging personality trait, we encourage you to consider it as something to cultivate through the constant process of refinement. As a gathering of genuinely confident individuals who seek to deploy our strengths to empower those around us, we can raise the collective wellbeing of our community as a whole.

Let’s unite together to redefine what confidence is, and more importantly, what confidence is not. Because what’s wrong with being confident? Nothing, absolutely nothing.