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The Collaborate volume is dedicated to exploring the importance of developing and nurturing a sense of community. It's designed to help you find and connect with a group of individuals who understand your needs - providing support, love, kindness, strength, endurance, and connectedness in challenging times.

In our service lives we are part of something larger than ourselves, and the military community, formed over generations, is a unique gift that this lifestyle offers. But what if you're feeling isolated, anxious, or unfulfilled? What if you're grieving for what you've left behind after a difficult move, deployment, career transition, or challenging season? 

The Collaborate volume emphasizes the power of intentional connections with others as a lifeline back to a meaningful life. Sharing our burdens, seeking help, and cherishing shared bonds, histories, and trials can deepen our connection with each other.

The articles within this volume encourage you to build and foster a community that stretches your purpose and aligns with your dreams, even those you once thought were improbable. Our contributors and interviewees invite you to be brave and vulnerable, to expand your circles, and to form deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Whether you're in a position to offer encouragement or in need of it, let this volume guide you in becoming reacquainted with your most authentic self.

Before relocating or embarking on a new venture, make sure to read the Collaborate volume. It's designed to give you the push you need to elevate your mindset, broaden your vision, and fortify your community.


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Cover Photography by: Samantha Look