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When you subscribe to our Auto-Renew Print Subscription, you’ll not only receive Legacy Volume VII but also gain immediate access to our SOLD-OUT (not to be reprinted) digital copy of Legacy Volume IV.

01. When you redeem your initial subscription, you’ll receive our print copy of Legacy Magazine Volume VII, providing: 

✨ Narratives, tutorials, and interviews within the service community that speak to the honest trials and triumphs of a service union.
✨ Inspiration to start new conversations and address any issues that may have been swept under the rug.
✨ Strength and courage within the stories to finally invest in yourself to show up as a better partner. 

02. Instant access to a digital copy of Legacy Volume IV. This volume has been sold-out for over a year and will not reprint anytime soon.

After spending time with this volume, you’ll:
✨ Uncover bold stories of self-doubt, loneliness, inadequacy, and anxiety; stories that society often prefers we keep tucked away. 
✨ Feel more confident in your creative work.
✨ Receive guidance and tangible ways to turn struggles into success, shifting from a place of feeling stuck to leading a more fulfilled life.


Subscribe today and save 20% on your initial subscription and 10% on all future volumes. As a subscriber, be amongst the first to receive new releases. 

  • The subscription begins with Volume VII.
  • Receive access to digital volumes
  • Automatically renews every fall/winter
  • Subscriptions renew before the start of pre-orders & ship at the end
  • Cancel at any time