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Welcome dear listener. As our military and service community continues to face nuanced challenges, there is hope and courage in the pursuit of self-awareness, agency, and growth. Here we share stories, honest conversations, and bold pursuits that reflect the depth of service life.

This is a Life of Legacy.

Episode 1: Your Next Bold Step

Show Notes

Today we discussed how each team member approaches their next bold step. Here are some of the resources that were presented.

1. Legacy Vol VIII Prompts
2. Laura Casey's Powersheets
3. Identify Your Core Values

4. Range by David Epstein


4. Military One Source

5. Corie Weather's LifeGiver Directory

If you're looking for inspiring stories on what it means to transcend, embodying our core values and character in purposeful ways, we cannot wait to get Vol VIII of Legacy Magazine into your hands.

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So, until then thank you for listening! We're here with you as you discern, prioritize, and take your next courageous step.

And as always, here to remind you that your story matters!