Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in celebrating life with military families and their surrounding communities. We look forward to the possibility of working together!

Writing for Legacy Magazine is one of the biggest blessings of my professional career. Connecting with and sharing the stories of so many inspirational people is a dream!

Katie, Writer

Below is a theme and list of prompts to help provide a framework for Volume VIII submissions, which will release in the fall-winter of 2022. Use the information as inspiration while crafting your submission. Proposals can include but are not limited to personal narratives, short stories, tutorials, poetry, illustrations, watercolor, oil paintings, calligraphy, and photography.


For Volume VIII of Legacy Magazine, we are inviting contributors to take their next bold step with us. As our military and service community continues to face nuanced challenges, there is hope and courage in the pursuit of self-awareness, agency, and growth. However, we are curious: when do we utilize the strength from our own becoming as a catalyst to extend onward and outward? How do we transcend from a place of self-discovery and development to a place of guidance in our most precious spheres of influence? Join us in casting vision on what it means to transcend, embodying our core values and character in purposeful ways.

  1. Reflect on where you derive your identity, value, and worth: is it tethered to temporary conditions and external achievements, or have you built it to be a reflection of your core values? 
  2. What resonates with you when you examine the word wholeness and how have you flourished and/or floundered as you have discovered what it means to honor your whole self? 
  3. How are you working to apply and embody what you have experienced so that you can live out your ideals? 
  4. Unlearn is defined as a transitive verb that means to put out of one's knowledge or memory or to undo the effect or discard the habit of; with this in mind, what is no longer working and how are you unlearning it?
  5. When we hear the word freedom, how does it relate that the choices you made or are making for your past, present, and future growth?
  6. In what ways do you recognize, value, and persist through different stages that mark the definitive chapters of your life?
  7. What resources, tools, techniques have you utilized to transcend the limitations of your current situation?
  8. How do you approach your agency and influence despite military and service life being fraught with elements out of your control?
  9. How do you discern and prioritize your next bold step on a personal level, professional level or both?
  10. What do you want your legacy to be?


In your submission inquiry, please include the following:

Are you interested in submitting a development/narrative story, or an activity/tutorial?

Which persona best matches your submission?

Please provide a working title for your piece plus a 100 word or less summary of your proposed submission.

You may submit more than one idea if you have several topics in mind.

Vol. VIII submission proposals due June 27, 2022. Please send to submissions@legacymagazine.org.

This experience has been wonderful. Working with a limited palette was a great challenge and helped me broaden my views!

Nicole, Artist


We are excited to fill the pages of Legacy Magazine with the beautiful work of the service member community.

Art submissions for review can include but are not limited to watercolor, oil paintings, calligraphy, graphic design, mix media, and photography.

If you would like to be considered for a specific project, we would love to see your work.

Please send sample to submissions@legacymagazine.org.

This has been such a refreshing creative outlet for me, especially in these years with little ones.

- Nicole, Photographer


Interviews - If you're photographing one of the magazines interviewees, please review the synopsis of their interview before the start of the shoot. This will help provide a general framework. Each layout generally features 3-8 visuals.

Portraits - Please include images that capture the personality of the individual and the progression of the interview. 

Detail Shots - Please include a few images from the session that capture the environment and details without the model in the frame (i.e., books, workspace, scenery, location, office, coffee shop, farmers market, etc.)

Attire - The volume is scheduled to release in fall/winter, so please have the model dress appropriately, in soft neutral tones or in colors that are complimentary of the theme colors.

Please send sample to submissions@legacymagazine.org.

Legacy has a way of connecting the hearts of military families from all over the world and building a unique community through their darling magazine.

-Michaela, Reader


We have divided the publication into nine personas, each one representing an attribute courageously demonstrated within the greater service member community. Those personas are Creative, Crusader, Caregiver, Champion, Coach, Catalyst, Curator, and Confidant.

While a reader might gravitate towards one or two of the personas, we believe different seasons call for different strengths.

Therefore, we incorporate interviews, personal narratives, and self-discovery practices to provide guidance and hope for all seasons of life.

Credit & Compensation

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Submissions are generally done on a voluntary basis, however, we do now offer commission-based compensation opportunities, contributor benefits, and partner perks. Please inquire if interested!

Contributors receive full credit for their work under the title of the article, as well as direct social/website links anytime a submission is featured online.

Each volume includes a complimentary contributor directory for readers to connect with you directly, both online and in print.