Welcome Kit

Have you ever called yourself a writer before?

What does that word stir within you?

The first step to every dream is finding a way to show up. 

By choosing to join The Work of Words, you are saying “yes” to your next step as a writer.


A 6-week course designed to help writers of the military community develop their personal narratives, primarily through creative nonfiction form.

You will be led through writing exercises, read examples, and be given feedback on your writing, all while strengthening connections with fellow creatives.


Welcome Video

How it Works

You will receive an email every Tuesday morning of the course. This will include a link to your lesson, any supplemental reading, bonus video content, and access to a PDF of the lesson if you want to work offline.

You will turn in assignments by the following Monday in a Google Drive folder designated for The Work of Words. Your work will then be read and commented on by the instructor and your fellow writers in the course.

Your assignment does need to be a Google Document. Do you need help creating one? You can email Lindsay at any time and she’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Do you need help setting up a time to write?

Listen to the audio lesson Creating Space to Nourish Your Writing and reflect with the 7 Practices to Nourish Your Writing PDF guide below.

What about leaving feedback on your fellow writers' work? 

The Providing Generous Feedback Audio Lesson below has you covered! 

The Work of Words

Welcome Kit

Download Lesson PDF
Creating Space for Your Writing
Listen to Lesson Audio
Providing Generous Feedback
Listen to leston Audio

Course Syllabus + Calendar

Week 1

Lesson 1: You Are Here

Assignment due: October 4th

Basics of Creative Nonfiction Bonus Audio Lesson

Meet + Greet Zoom

Week 2

Lesson 2: Show, Don’t Tell

Week 3

Lesson 3: The 5 Senses

Measuring Sucess Video Bonus + Measuring Success Reflection PDF

Mid-way Check-in + Zoom chat

Week 4

Lesson 4: Look Who’s Talking

Unpacking Permission and Boundaries Bonus Audio Lesson + PDF

Week 5

Lesson 5: Shift Perspective

Week 6

Lesson 6: Go Small + Final Assignment 

Week 7

Encouragement Email + Revision Tips

Week 8

Turn in Final Assignment

Bonus Video Lesson: Pitching for Publication + Sharing on Social Media

Feedback Form

Attend Final Zoom Celebration

Materials Required for the Course

Email + Internet access

A notebook and pen

Generous, kind, and constructive feedback for your fellow writers

Your Vulnerability.

Author Brené Brown shares that “vulnerability is the birthplace of love, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability and authenticity.” Writing is vulnerable. It means we are opening ourselves up for others to look at our stories.

If you show up with your whole self to this course, we are promising you a safe space for both you and your words to land. 


Put “I am a writer” on a post-it note somewhere in your house. You may feel silly doing it, but please do it anyway.

The work of your words is just beginning. I can’t wait to see where you go!

Welcome to the Work of Words,

Lindsay Swoboda, and all of us at the Legacy Magazine Team 

If you have any questions you can reach Lindsay at

M-F 4pm- 9pm. She will get back to you within 48 hours.

We all have a story within us, and sharing those stories can lay the groundwork for growth and change.

Lindsay Swoboda