“You can spend a lifetime being curious about the inner world of your partner, and being brave enough to share your own inner world, and never be done discovering all there is to know about each other. It’s exciting.” 

John Gottman


You're empathetic and take the time to truly listen to what loved ones are saying. You cultivate spaces of calm in your desire for peace and harmony.

You're mindful and perceptive, striving for growth and self-discovery. 

You love deeply and are willing to sacrifice much, intimacy and companionship are at the core of your endeavors this season.

Maintaining a healthy sense of self sometimes gets pushed to the back burner in favor of prioritizing the relationships around you.

To come alongside you, Legacy Volume VII, offers narratives, tutorials, and interviews within the service community that speak to the honest examination of trials and triumphs of a service union.


Legacy Volumes include elements of personal narrative, creative expression, and self-development to further equip and inspire you in your endeavors.

After reading this volume of Legacy, you’ll walk away inspired to venture out of the barricades they’ve built for their relationships, ready to start new conversations, and invest in themselves so they can show up as better partners.

You’ll find strength in community, knowing you’re not the only one with imperfect relationships or difficult emotions.

We’ve intentionally arranged articles to serve you offering helpful prompts and reflections. 

Add a volume to your favorite cozy nook, place one on your bedside nightstand, or read pages with your morning cup of coffee. Read an article at a time, savor the words, find solace in the stories.

No matter the season you find yourself in, see if you can harness these strengths to welcome creativity and flourish in everything you do.

Dive deeper into your relationships in Legacy Volume VII