Legacy Kids: Volume II

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It is with great excitement that we introduce Volume II of Legacy Kids Magazine!

The military lifestyle can be described in so many different words – this volume highlights one that helps military kids move through change with a little more pep in their step: ADVENTURE. While we don’t always associate exhilarating journeys with leaving places and people we love– it most certainly happens. It is within this adventuring that we find little silver linings, ways to maneuver with joy, and unexpected friendships.

This volume offers perspective from military kids of the adventures they've had.  Through stories, comics, new languages, and old advice - we can see directly into each little voyage our military families have taken. Activities throughout the publication will immerse readers into going on an adventure with the writer – creating an expedition of their own.

After reading this volume, your military kids will be ready to ride with a bigger passion for pursuit, a tenacity for travel, and excitement for expeditions. Like a dandelion blowing in the wind, Volume II will inspire a new perspective of leaving and blooming wherever we are planted.

In Volume II, we interviewed 15-year-old Brianna Cooley, who started a Post-it campaign at her school to pass short messages on Post-it notes on desks and bathroom mirrors to inspire struggling classmates. Legacy Kids wanted to build off this inspiration and create our own encouragement cards for military kids to give to those around them. Our pre-order swag includes these small post-it cards to help share the kindness. We also include a beautiful custom 8X10 print by Bethany Strickland – as a friendly reminder to keep chasing the adventure.

After spending time with Volume II, you and your child will feel inspired and empowered to embrace this lifestyle from a new, positive perspective.