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The longer, brighter days of spring and summer offer the perfect opportunity to come out of the shadows and purposefully light up our creative selves. Volume IV of Legacy provides tangible ways of doing so through activities such as art journaling, building a plant sanctuary, and thoughtful prompts that will guide you through the creative process.

Since vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and belonging, Volume IV uncovers bold stories that society often prefers to keep safely tucked away…self-doubt, loneliness, inadequacy, anxiety, and bodies that don’t work properly after pregnancy. These tales show how individuals in our community turned struggles into successes, trials into triumphs, and offer readers the guidance and courage to do the same.

After spending time with this volume, you’ll feel more confident in your creative work, and on your way to leading a more integrated and fulfilled life.

A few of the features you won't want to miss include:

Cover by Luna Blu Mar

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