Legacy Kids: Volume I

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Legacy Kids Magazine | An Empowering Take on Military Life

Legacy Kids Magazine is a new publication for military children of all ages. Each volume is full of inspiring stories, artwork, and hands-on activities centered around resilience and bravery. This lovingly-crafted publication enables military kids to use their own creative voices to empower, enlighten, and uncover the truths about growing up in an unconventional lifestyle.

When children understand that they belong to a community, a sense of acceptance replaces feelings of loneliness and confusion. This type of kinship can develop a strong sense of self and instill a treasured connection to other military kids.

Legacy Kids Magazine fosters this community. It is a tangible publication that highlights a wide range of emotions and experiences through bright, bold, and honest content. This creative endeavor opens an important space that allows us to see and hear military children as they invite us into their world.

Our readers embody the resilience and bravery of all military kids. They are authentic creatives, innovators, and dreamers that come together from many different backgrounds and ages for a much-needed sense of unity and strength in community. The contributors for Volume I consist of children and adults alike. Our writers represent the voice of military kids ranging from just three years old, all the way through to adulthood.

After spending time with Volume I, you and your child will walk away feeling inspired and empowered to embrace this lifestyle from a new, positive perspective.

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