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Have you lost fragments of your identity and purpose while navigating through military life? It's time to reclaim, redefine, and restore your identity within service life, and the Ignite Volume of Legacy Magazine is here to guide you.

As the terrain of military service continues to evolve, we may find ourselves exhausted, lacking the strength or necessary support to forge ahead. You'll see yourself mirrored in the narratives and tutorials penned by individuals connected to service just like you, who face a host of challenges. We engage in candid discussions about the difficulties this lifestyle presents and discover how difficulty can give way to hope.

We are more potent than we imagine. We have the opportunity to grow and begin the journey of embodying our complete selves. What does that journey entail? It involves embracing who we are and where we are, confronting hurdles, and aligning ourselves with our core values.

Embark on this journey with fellow readers and conclude each story with daring steps, sparks of inspiration, and transformative mindset shifts that propel you towards vital self-discovery.

Prepare to live your life with a rejuvenated sense of purpose, know who you are, and believe that you are worthy of a complete life in which you exist as your whole self.

Begin here. Start now. Immerse yourself in the Ignite Volume today.


Join entrepreneur and business coach Danielle Roberts as she discovers “there is freedom + joy in knowing the inner identity of who you are,” by discovering the power of core values.

Author Julie Tully is Leading the Cultural Shift as she questions and redefines what it means to be “dependent,” and how we can change, advocate, grow,  and not be held back by the role of a military spouse.

Kristin Vanderlip, founder of The Pen + Mend Collective and author of Rest, A Journal for Lament guides us through a powerful piece that will have you reaching for your paper, pen, and time to process in her piece: For the Pain We Carry and the Stories We Can’t (yet) Share: The Saving Grace of Journaling.

Andrea Scott from The Spouse Angle Podcast which offers relevant news to military spouses on the go challenges readers to reframe how outsiders can bring strength to the table, that our experiences have meaning if we persevere, and that we might connect others in a way no one else could in How a ‘9G’ Girl Found a Place of Her Own.

In Meeting the Main Character by Samantha Otto Brown, author of Sub Wife: A Memoir from the Homefront shares how it is “liberating to realize that the thing you most feared can’t actually hurt you and, instead, provided the backdrop to the most profound transformations of your life.”

Copywriting and Content Strategist Megan Casper walks us through how to reframe, refocus, and recommit as spouses and military members navigate Life After the Military.