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Have you ever felt limited in your personal and professional pursuits due to the demands of military life? The Cultivate volume of Legacy Magazine is designed to help you break free from these constraints and reclaim your dreams and aspirations.

In our quest to support our service members, we sometimes minimize our identities and ambitions. The inherent unpredictability of military life often deprives us of our sense of control, leaving us feeling disoriented and with little control over our own paths.

Legacy Magazine's Cultivate volume aims to overturn this experience. Filled with a rich collection of interviews, essays, and tutorials, readers will discover how others from the military and service community persevere through hardship, establish successful careers, awaken a more profound sense of self, and live an enriched life.

With this volume, you'll gain valuable insights from those who have navigated the tumultuous journey of service life while consciously cultivating a life of intention. It will arm you with the necessary tools and knowledge to begin your journey of self-discovery, pushing past the boundaries of your comfort zone to reach success—however you may define it.

You'll find yourself returning to this volume whenever you're feeling stuck, need inspiration, or a reminder that you have all the tools you need. Whether you are new to the military or a seasoned service spouse, you will feel empowered to expand your beliefs of what a service-connected life looks like.

Dive in and cultivate the curiosity to redefine what is possible in your life.


Redefine bravery and see yourself in a new light with writer Megan Casper in The Brave Life

Challenge the narratives of your past + present in Achieving Balance, an interview with Amy Lou Hawthorne. Veteran and military spouse Amy Lou Hawthorne is the owner of The Ever Co

Pivot your dreams into action in Making Things Happen, an interview with Lara Casey. Laura is the founder of Cultivate What Matters, an author, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Weddings Magazine, and creator of PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner.

Unveil new layers of your character and ambitions in Climb the Ladder to Your Highest Potential with author Corie Weathers, LPC. 

Tap into a slower pace of life in Rooted in Intention, an interview with Dianne Jago. Dianne is the creator of Deeply Rooted, author of A Holy Pursuit, and a homeschool mama. 

Live out your core values + discover a more meaningful definition of success in Serenity in Flow with writer Michele Bradfield.

Wander, Cook, and Savor, an interview with Caroline Potter, will inspire you to create an identity you love + believe in. Caroline is the author of All-American Paleo Table, a holistic nutritionist, and a small business owner.