Discover Your 2020 Word of the Year

Discover Your 2020 Word of the Year

It’s that time of year again—where inspiration, motivation, and productivity are almost palpable. It’s as if at every virtual corner you turn, another friend, colleague, or mentor is boldly declaring their lofty goals for the season ahead. But how does one land on a set direction for the new year? This is a question we hear often, so we’ve curated nine Legacy themed words to help inspire you in discovering your own mantra or intention. Adopt one of these as your own, or merely use them as inspiration as you craft a new one. Afterwords, repost/share them with us using by tagging @legacymag and #lifeoflegacy explaining why the word resonates with you most.


Legacy Persona Curator


Curators see beauty where others cannot and bring happiness to the world by collecting and presenting carefully selected items and ideas.


Legacy Persona Champion


Champions rise to a place of clarity by defeating obstacles. They are willing to go into battle for those who need advocates and motivate others to do the same.


Legacy Persona Contemplator


Contemplators are naturally thoughtful and curious, pondering life’s biggest questions carefully and at length, both intellectually and spiritually. Those around them benefit from their intentional examinations.


Legacy Persona Caregiver


Caregivers are equal parts pliable and strong, and they improve the quality of life of those around them by seamlessly caring for and assisting others in their pursuits. Their victories are being the cornerstone of others’ victories and their successes are found in others’ successes.


Legacy Persona Crusader


Crusaders are trailblazers, warriors, and visionaries. They are pillars of strength who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and are willing to endure long and arduous journeys to see their missions come to fruition.


Legacy Persona Catalyst

Catalysts fuel the fires of their dreams and goals through sparks of ingenuity and excitement. They inspire others into action and have no problem setting out to create a new and better world.


Legacy Persona Creative

Creators call something new into existence. Their innovative minds and nimble hands surprise and delight those who come into contact with their work. 
Legacy persona confidant 
Confidants provide a safe space for those closest to them to share their most intimate thoughts. As careful guardians of individual truths, their relationships are deep and lasting.
Legacy Persona Coach


Coaches are the right mix of cheerleader and counselor, guiding others along their journeys to become more confident and connected. They work diligently to ensure others live better lives because of their interactions.


*You can find additional tips, tools, and resources on these nine personas in each volume of Legacy Magazine. Each persona represent an attribute courageously demonstrated within this community. While a reader might gravitate towards one or two of the personas, we believe different seasons call for different strengths. Within each section, we incorporate interviews, personal narratives, and self-development exercises to provide guidance and hope for the season ahead. Get your copy here.

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  • I love all you put out there Abi and colleagues.
    It’s so positive and real.
    Much respect!



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