Quarantine Times: Reflections from Our Military Children — Legacy Magazine

Quarantine Times: Reflections from Our Military Children — Legacy Magazine

As I watched my boys fly around the yard in a flurry of giggles and soccer balls, I was struck by their amazing resilience. Even though their lives have been totally upended, they seemed to have the ability to block out the social isolation and focus on the present moment. My awe led me to wonder what was going on in those beautiful little minds. Were they as blissfully unaware as they seemed to be? How were they making sense of these tumultuous times? These questions led me to draft a series of reflective prompts.

We set aside thirty minutes one evening, and the boys answered each of the prompts without any guidance or expectations from me. I wanted them to have a safe space where they could share as much or as little as they wanted. I was surprised at how much they enjoyed the exercise! They didn't view it as an additional homework assignment, instead, they took joy in the ability to share their opinion and possibly aid in someone else's journey. You can read a sample of their reflections below. Afterwords, we invite you and your children to do the same. We hope that this exercise brings a little more clarity and connection into your new normal!

Kaden, age 12
During the quarantine, I have to do my school work through my computer. That takes up most of my day so I normally study for some of my classes. If I have time I also read. I feel that the quarantine is a good time to bond with my family because we spend most of the day together. Another good thing about this time is that it gives me a chance to get active, even in my house. I wish I could know how long we will be off school. I have learned that I can’t control much of what goes on. I also have learned to be more patient, just wait, and then everything will unfold before my eyes. My favorite part of the quarantine is that I get to spend more time with my family and play more of my games with them. My least favorite part of the quarantine is that I don’t get to hang out with my friends in person. My encouragement to anyone else in quarantine is to just stay calm and don’t freak out. You can find some good books to read and don’t get bored, there are many things to do.

Cameron, age 8
I learned in quarantine not to worry a lot but just a little. I learned to have fun with my family even if it is a hard time. On the weekdays I get up and then I do my school work. Sometimes if I get done with my school work fast I go to Youtube and I draw a picture from art hub for kids. I feel like I am on the weekend every day. I wish that I could go for a bike ride every day and go play soccer at the park. My favorite part of quarantine is playing outside and running. My encouragement to other kids is to remember that we can do this!

  1. What the quarantine means/what my days and weeks look like
  2. How I feel about the quarantine
  3. What I wish I had known before the quarantine
  4. What I learned during the quarantine
  5. My favorite part of the quarantine
  6. My least favorite part of the quarantine
  7. My encouragement to anyone else in quarantine

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Katie Christy, Director of Development

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