How to Make a New Friend

How to Make a New Friend

I wrote this list to help military kids make friends when they get to a new location. Sometimes it is hard to feel like you fit in, but if you take my advice, you may make new friends sooner than you think! 

How to Make a Friend:

  • Introduce yourself , ask them questions
  • Listen and pay attention to them
  • Don’t compare new friends with old friends
  • Share your toys, ideas and things
  • Be kind and respectful

 How NOT to Make a Friend: 

  • Interrupt and demand attention
  • Ignore people even if you are shy
  • Be a bully
  • Only talk about yourself
  • Be rude and complain a lot


Written by Luke Anderson, age 9


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  • Luke, what thoughtful ideas and how great that you thought to share them with others kids who’s parents serve our country! We love your big heart!

    Aunt Mauri & Uncle Mark

    Mauri Congleton

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