Four Resources to Increase Clarity & Efficiency

Four Resources to Increase Clarity & Efficiency
Are you looking to increase discernment and effectiveness in the year ahead? Here's what we found to provide the most clarity in 2018 and what is sure to increase efficiency in 2019. 


1. Learn to navigate personalities, rather than manage people. Are you in a leadership role or find yourself collaborating often? If so, we encourage you to read Gretchen Rubin's "Four Tendencies" or explore the Enneagram numbers for yourself and your colleagues through The Milspo Guru's course and community. Both have been powerful tools in taking our core team's communication and collaboration to the next level! 

2. Consider conducting a social media audit. Have you ever wondered if you're reaching your social community in a powerful and uplifting way? Have you spent hours planning content and strategy only to be discouraged by the results or lack of engagement? If so, we encourage you to get an outsider's opinion, or better yet, your audience's opinion! This can be achieved by contacting an organization like Carried Away Creative Co. or by asking your friends and family. We incorporated both throughout the year and saw an increase in community growth and engagement! 

3. Explore Time Blocking & Batching Projects. Through the insights gained during Carrie Ashley's thorough media review, we were reminded of the power of batching projects and were introduced to Planoly, an automated visual planning platform. By utilizing Planoly, we were able to reduce the time spent on social media tasks from 1-hour a day to only 4-hours a month! As you can imagine, this freed up time for more pressing projects and ensured our messaging remained consistent. 

4. Start the New Year with an email queue at zero, or as close as possible. Do you get overwhelmed by an unorganized inbox? At the end of last year, I found myself avoiding email and the mounting messages altogether. Knowing this wasn't sustainable, I decided to start 2018 by organizing my inbox into the following three folders: Current, Closed, and Future. Which I continued throughout the year and will carry into 2019. Our friend Kim Chapman of Daisy Faye Designs has been an encouragement in this area and shares more on the topic here

A few other resources our core team utilizes:
- Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters
- Completely customizable planners by Golden Coil
- Project management through Asana


 Written by Abi Ray

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