Legacy Essays — Military Spouse Identity

Military Spouse writer shares health journey in new Legacy Essay

What Began with a Dog

Written by Jennifer Wake   Gold, red, orange, brown and even some green leaves drift onto her hair. She looks up to see all the trees showering their leaves down onto her and her oblivious dog. She...
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Military Spouse and her two children.

Running on Empty

Written by Sarah Ortiz Benson  The temperatures are dropping, with gusts of welcome wind. Pumpkins and harvest décor abound, despite the lack of colorful leaves. The state is aglow with football’s ...
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Military spouse begins to carve out a space for herself with a puzzle in the margins of military life

Pieces of the Puzzle

Written by Jessica Harbin In the back of the house, there is a small table buried under piles of children’s school papers, baseball mitts, and art projects. She picked out the table for its straigh...
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Spouses within the Military Life

Strength + Surrender as a Military Spouse

In honor of National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, which occurs each year in May, members of our Legacy Team gathered our thoughts on what the words strength and surrender have meant for us on ...
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