Generational Wisdom — Legacy Magazine, Volume VI

Generational Wisdom — Legacy Magazine, Volume VI

When you hear the word community, what are the initial thoughts and emotions that arise? Are there specific characteristics, qualities, or experiences that come to mind?

In "Generational Wisdom: The Value of Friends Both Older and Younger," Kori Yates states that the most important lesson she has learned about community is that there is value in broadening our definition.

She shares, "This life is a challenge but also a grand adventure. In living this adventure, I can get caught up in hanging out with people that look much like me. They tend to be close to the same age in a similar stage in life because that's who lives down the street or sits in life group at church with me.

While helpful to have these friends, I have found that I also need to be intentional about developing friendships with those who are steps behind me as well as steps ahead. Together they bring a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, perspective, and even joy. They round out my life when it could very well have remained flat.

These women have all made a difference in me. Their generational experience gives me not only wisdom but also inspiration and hope. They remind me of what my purpose is today, give me encouragement to keep going, and assure me that I can thrive in this life too."

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An excerpt from Volume VI of Legacy Magazine

Written by Kori Yates

Illustrated by Alyssa Moore

Editorial Design by Kylie Loesch

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