Quality - The magazine's aesthetic is clean, modern, and true to reality. Natural lighting and realistic colors are preferred. We try to avoid using overexposed or underexpose photographs. We are looking for visuals that offer a fair amount of white negative space and clean straight lines. We prefer working with un-cropped images, so we ask that photographers be mindful of every inch of the image in the camera. Being mindful of the frame ensures that resolution is not lost during post processing due to cropping. 

Appearance - We desire to create cohesive spreads that compliment the eye as our readers flip the pages. Please include a fair amount of white negative space, neutral tones, and pops of color. Please make sure that the subject wears attire that is appropriate for the season the issue will release. When choosing an outfit, think big picture. How will this choice reflect the photographer, the model and the magazine? Will it photograph well? Does it compliment the location setting and props? 

Variety - Images that are shown both vertical and horizontal help us to provide our readers with just the right perspective. We are looking for detail shots, portrait shots, different distances, etc. The more variety we have to work with the better. We won’t know until the editing process how each photograph will be used, so we need to make sure we have several options available. We have provided visual direction below, but feel free to add any images that you think would add to the creativity! 


Location - Think in terms of calming waters, as the title of the article is The Serenity of Flow

Inspiration - Please include images that capture the inspiration and the progression of the article, from the initial whitewater rapids to final ease of gliding down stream. 

Portraits - Images that capture the personality of the individual and the progression of the article. Initial striving/struggling and eventually harmony and new life (both personally and with pregnancy). From looking off into the distance on the dock in contemplation to paddling up stream and finally gliding down stream looking at peace. Please save maternity shots for the end of shoot. We would like to save the reveal of the pregnancy for the end.  

Detail Shots - Images that capture both rapids and still water. Shots that include a still boat, a paddle, hands in the water creating ripples etc. Feel free to add additional creative shots to these sections! 

Attire - The volume will be releasing in fall/winter so please have the model dress appropriately, in soft neutral tones or in colors that are complimentary of theme color (listed below). Ideas could include jeans and a soft cardigan for the initial photos and flowing dress with a soft floral pattern (like below) for the final images. 

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Article Synopsis

Just one year ago, I was stuck in a boat. The whitewater rapids crashed into me as I ferociously paddled upstream. All the while watching my fellow rafters glide down the river with ease. Not me, though. No. I had a mission. So I paddled, paddled, paddled...

Then one day, out of sheer burnout, I stopped paddling. I collapsed into my raft and let the river take me where it wanted to go. For the first time, I floated downstream.

Soon opportunities flowed my way. It appeared as though everything I had worked so hard to earn unraveled before my eyes. All, after I stopped trying — So. Dang. Hard...

A year ago, I would put my head down and paddled, paddled, paddled. Today, all it requires is a gentle reminder to: Turn the boat. Release the paddle. And flow. 


Predominately white with accents of midnight navy, dove grey, and arcadian green.