Magazine Visual Direction

We cannot thank you enough for your partnership in helping us fill our next issue, by generously sharing your love and gift of photography.

Quality - The magazine's aesthetic is clean, modern, and true to reality. Natural lighting and realistic colors are preffered. We try to avoid using overexposed or underexpose photographs. We are looking for visuals that offer a fair amount of white negative space and clean straight lines. We prefer working with un-cropped images, so we ask that photographers be mindful of every inch of the image in the camera. Being mindful of the frame ensures that resolution is not lost during post processing due to cropping. 

Appearance - We desire to create cohesive spreads that compliment the eye as our readers flip the pages. Please include a fair amount of white negative space, neutral tones and some aspect of the theme colors (see below). This could be a jewelry, clothing, props or furniture. Please make sure that the subject wears attire that is appropriate for the season the issue will release. When choosing an outfit, think big picture. How will this choice reflect the photographer, the model and the magazine? Will it photograph well? Does it compliment the location setting and props? 

Variety - Images that are shown both vertical and horizontal help us to provide our readers with just the right perspective. We are looking for detail shots, portrait shots, different distances, etc. The more variety we have to work with the better. We won’t know until the editing process how each photograph will be used, so we need to make sure we have several options available. We have provided visual direction below, but feel free to add any images that you think would add to the creativity! 

Article Direction: CREATIVE



Theme - Think in terms of modern industrial, incorporating elements that display the beautiful exchange between form and function. Photoshoot is to take place in a warehouse that is predominately white; rearranged to eliminate clutter while highlighting key equipment and pops of texture and color (metal, raw leather, greenery, and support tag yellow). 

Inspiration - Images that capture the inspiration for the company's mission and vision (made in America, empowerment, history) as well as images that portray the inspiration for specific accessories (Drawings, color swatches, and seasons).

Headshots - Images that capture the personality of the individual - creative, optimistic and an opportunist. 

Details - Images that capture the individual's and organization's creative process - start to finish. 


Feature - Cameron Cruse of R.Riveter

COO - these three letters seem to embody who Cameron Cruse is. Not only are they a representation of her profession (she is the Chief Operating Officer of the uber-successful handbag company, R. Riveter), but they also are the initials of the three words she lives her life by: Creative Optimist Opportunity

Creative - Creativity (and purse making) seems to run through Cameron’s veins. “I was a little art kid. I can remember teaching myself to sew. My mom's machine was downstairs; she guided me the first couple of stitches and then I just sat down and started constructing little pouches. The first thing I ever made was a little coupon book with Velcro that my mom carried around for at least 20 years.” 

OptimistCameron’s optimism likely stems from her strong belief that everything in life is a choice. “You are always in control. No matter where you come from or what happens around you, you always have a choice. No matter your situation, you can always make lemonade out of lemons. We are not bound to anything or anyone, so don't let anything detour you from your dreams.”

Opportunity - Cameron’s dreams have come true by creating (with her co-founder, Lisa Bradley) the opportunity for hundreds of Military spouses to pursue their dreams of mobile, flexible income with R. Riveter. Solving problems and creating opportunities for optimism in the world will surely be part of Cameron Cruse’s legacy. 


Predominately white with accents of midnight navy, dove grey, and arcadian green.