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As an Independent Wellness Summit 2023 Attendee, receive an exclusive discount of 100% off of your initial digital subscription and save 20% on all future digital volumes. As a digital subscriber, be amongst the first to receive new releases.

  • Subscription begins with Volume VIII
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Have you lost pieces of yourself and your purpose as you have navigated through military life? It is time to reclaim, redefine, and restore our identity within service life, and Volume VIII of Legacy Magazine will help guide you through. 

The landscape of military service continues to shift, and we may find ourselves weary and without the strength or needed support to fight forward. You’ll recognize yourself in the narratives and tutorials written by service-connected individuals just like you who face a myriad of challenges. We share honest conversations about the hardships this lifestyle can hold. But hardship can transition to hope. 

We are more capable than we imagine. We have options to expand and begin the work of embodying our whole selves. What does that work look like? It looks like embracing who we are and where we are, facing obstacles, and aligning ourselves with our core values. 

Come on the journey with fellow readers and leave each story with bold steps, sparks of inspiration, and innovative mindset shifts that invite you to embark on imperative self-discovery. Get ready to live your life with a renewed sense of purpose, know who you are, and believe that you are deserving of a full life in which you live as your whole self. Let’s start here. Let’s start now. Dive into Volume VIII today.