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Thank you for joining us in launching positive change in the greater service member community! As a Legacy Kids Volume III contributor, please enjoy the following:

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It is with great anticipation that we introduce Volume III of Legacy Kids Magazine - A Special Family Edition!

We recognize that military family experiences can look pretty from the outside – and while the adventures are thrilling and the lessons valuable – the discomfort of leaving and grieving is real.

So we held light to these topics in Volume III of Legacy Kids – and our contributors made them shine!

We are excited to show that as kids turn these pages, they can grow through grief, be comforted by words, and feel heard through the voices of their community.

What’s even better? They won’t be doing this alone. Legacy Kids Volume III offers stories and activities to spark connections and conversations for the whole family.

Within the pages of Legacy Kids Volume III, you’ll uncover:

  • A short fictional story by Taryn Rose about a garden and rose patiently awaiting to Bloom in new surroundings.
  • A recipe for making something sweet out of grief from a mother and son.
  • An activity for turning everyday moments into cherished memories by Sarah Sandifer.
  • A narrative woven together by two sisters choosing connection and maintaining a familial bond no matter the distance.
  • A tutorial on emotional goodbyes and happy returns by military child, Mason Baker
  • Poems by active duty service member and spouse, Stephanie Roose inspired from her deployments and seasons of separation from those she cherishes most.

After reading this volume, you and your military kids will feel equipped and inspired to move through the hard, challenging aspects of the military life. 

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The custom-designed pins by The Ever Co are a nod to our Special Family Edition, exploring topics of leaving, grieving, and growing as we go.


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