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Volume VIII is a bold take on perspective and agency against the backdrop of service life.

As our military and service community continues to face nuanced challenges, discontent and exhaustion lurks under the surface. Between the strains of uncertainty, emerging in a post-pandemic landscape, and the frustration of looming unknowns, it’s tempting to succumb to the belief that our pursuits are futile. Values may feel out of alignment and pieces of our identity may have become lost that we long to reclaim. 

Volume VIII offers encouragement to let go of what is no longer serving you and applications to establish a strengthened sense of self. Woven within this volume are compelling stories and practices from contributors who have shed light on hidden feelings, overcome obstacles, and transformed difficulties into a deeper sense of meaning. You’ll recognize yourself in the narratives and tutorials written by service-connected individuals just like you who’ve faced similar challenges. Find real life examples and guided reflections to move from contemplation to implementation. The applications are ones you can return to time and time again within the ebbs and flows of service life. 

Volume VIII will give you the clarity, courage, and inspiration needed to move into a purposeful, value-aligned life. Experience a newfound confidence to take control of your life. Uncover a hope that living and serving in this lifestyle does not need to hinder your personal growth, dreams, or ambitions.  Believe in the power of your own voice, your own story. Agency is within your grasp.

Through the narratives, applications, and illustrations, you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate coping strategies and let go of what may no longer be serving you
  • Self-reflect and realign yourself with core values and commitments
  • Show up for yourself and your pursuits
  • Shift your focus so you may bring healing and growth into your next chapter
  • Reclaim your agency

Inspiration, belonging, and encouragement to embody your whole awaits you in the pages of Legacy Magazine Volume VIII.

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