Go Small

In our last lesson, we practice saying more with fewer words. Micro Essays are powerful tools to convey a story in short form. The exercise will also help you get in the mindset to edit and revise your work. Once we write our micros, we cast vision toward what our writing needs most right now. Your final focuses on revisiting a piece of writing or submitting a new original essay.

Bonus Video

Pitching & Publishing

As you continue your creative journey, remember that it all counts. Every scribbled note, every journal entry, every captured idea tapped into your phone. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph that you build counts. Whether you keep it close or decide to share it, the words do work within your heart, and that matters.

Join the editor-in-chief of Legacy Magazine Abi Ray, Legacy’s Marketing Director Jessica Fountain, and your Work of Words course creator and guide Lindsay Swoboda as we discuss pitching for publication and sharing on social media. 

A small (or loud) voice within you brought you to The Work of Words. What does that writer have to say next?

The words are always waiting for you. Let them work.

Dewi L. Faulkner