Celebrating Life with Service member Families, Couples, & Spouses. ENGAGING THE GREATER MILITARY COMMUNITY through PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL & RELATIONAL enrichment.








Legacy Magazine is a publication for service members families and their communities that operates from the premise that every individual is designed on purpose and for a purpose - with unique experiences, qualities, and strengths that can be used for the betterment of our communities. Through a strength-based approach, we incorporate elements of personal narrative, creative expression, and self-development to further equip and inspire individuals in their endeavors. We hope to offer the voice of a friend and mentor during times of celebration, transition, and growth. We believe truth is attractive and that individuals are hungry for substance and depth, amidst all the noise. Let us come alongside one another and encourage each other in embracing the season we’re in, while aiding in the sculpting and refining of our messages, missions, and professions.


A few years ago, we recognized the lack of a centralized publication that celebrated the variety of meaningful paths available to our unique service member families. We saw the opportunity to raise the bar and curate the inspiring stories of celebration, transition, and growth in a tasteful and uplifting way. In 2015, while our editor-in-chief was working alongside veteran and spouse owned organizations, the idea of turning these experiences into a publication was first born. In 2016, our core team came together and decided to turn their education and experience into a magazine that would celebrate and inspire the community. Before embarking on the journey, our team laid out our core values as a guiding azimuth so we can engage the greater community while offering content that is both aesthetically appealing and full of depth.

May We cultivate CURIOSITY while choosing CLARITY over chaos. To celebrate CREATIVITY while choosing CONNECTEDNESS over comparison. And to curate CONFIDENCE while choosing COURAGE over comfort.