VOllume II

Confidants - Stella Valle

Season – Volume II releasing Spring/Summer 2018

Theme – Spring/Summer activities, along with seasonal gatherings.

Portraits – Please include images that capture the personality of both subjects, together and individually. 

Detail Shots - Do the subjects own a business? If so, please include a descent amount of visuals that capture the interviewees in their work environment. Are the subjects designers? If so, please include visuals that capture their product. Do the subjects discuss activities in the interview? If so, please provide images that capture them engaging in such activities (i.e., interacting with business partner, family, designing, drawing, etc.) Does the subject live in a major city? If so, please include images that capture the essence of the location. Please include images from the session that capture the environment and details without the model in the frame (i.e., workspace, scenery, city, location, office, coffee shop, farmers market, company products, etc.)

Attire - The volume is scheduled to release in spring/summer, so please have the models dress appropriately, in soft neutral tones or in colors that are complimentary of theme color.


Dove White, Arcadian Green, and Midnight Navy with seasonally appropriate pops of color.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.09.12 AM.png

MAgazine's Visual Direction

Quality - The magazine's aesthetic is clean, modern, and true to reality. Natural lighting and realistic colors are preferred. We try to avoid using overexposed or underexpose photographs. We are looking for visuals that offer a fair amount of white negative space and clean straight lines. We prefer working with un-cropped images, so we ask that photographers be mindful of every inch of the image in the camera. Being mindful of the frame ensures that resolution is not lost during post processing due to cropping. 

Appearance - We desire to create cohesive spreads that compliment the eye as our readers flip the pages. Please include a fair amount of white negative space, neutral tones, and pops of color. Please make sure that the subject wears attire that is appropriate for the season the issue will release. When choosing an outfit, think big picture. How will this choice reflect the photographer, the model, and the magazine? Will it photograph well? Does it compliment the location setting and props? 

Variety - Images that are shown both vertical and horizontal help us to provide our readers with just the right perspective. We are looking for detail shots, portrait shots, different distances, etc. The more variety we have to work with the better. We won’t know until the editing process how each photograph will be used, so we need to make sure we have several options available. We have provided visual direction below, but feel free to add any images that you think would add to the creativity!