How to Make a New Friend

How to Make a New Friend

I wrote this list to help military kids make friends when they get to a new location. Sometimes it is hard to feel like you fit in, but if you take my advice, you may make new friends sooner than you think! 

How to Make a Friend:

  • Introduce yourself , ask them questions
  • Listen and pay attention to them
  • Don’t compare new friends with old friends
  • Share your toys, ideas and things
  • Be kind and respectful

 How NOT to Make a Friend: 

  • Interrupt and demand attention
  • Ignore people even if you are shy
  • Be a bully
  • Only talk about yourself
  • Be rude and complain a lot


Written by Luke Anderson, age 9


Nov 26, 2021

Hello, i just wanted to say, i love your blog.

Gideon Agware
Jul 23, 2021

Luke, what thoughtful ideas and how great that you thought to share them with others kids who’s parents serve our country! We love your big heart!

Aunt Mauri & Uncle Mark

Mauri Congleton

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